Hello, My name is Mark Fethney. I build amazing things with WordPress, PHP / SQL and JavaScript.

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Blending different hardware technologies and web frameworks to provide enteprise level solutions.

Working as a Senior Developer, I have built and implemented Health monitoring software, Digital Signage Systems, and VLE's. All have used Wordpress at their core, but built upon with Über cool custom features which seamlessly integrate into existing infrastrucure.

For example, Microsoft Active Directory integration allows staff to use Single Sign On to log into intranet applications with their windows password and have their account automatically set up. This also saves employees from needing to remember yet another password.

Wordpress lends itself to rapid development, the combination of a PHP and SQL foundation, with a ton of low cost extensions streamlines prototyping new applications ready for client approval. It's an open source platform too which means unlimited deployments with no licensing fees.